11/20/20 Update -

  • Erie County Zone Map 
  • ORANGE: City of Buffalo, City of Lackawanna and City of Tonawanda, and towns of Amherst, Aurora, Cheektowaga, Clarence, Eden, Elma, Evans, Grand Island, Hamburg, Lancaster, Orchard Park, Tonawanda, West Seneca.  
  • YELLOW: rest of County: Alden, Boston, Brant, Colden, Collins, Concord, Holland, Marilla, Newstead, North Collins, Sardinia and Wales. 
  • Effective Date: Takes effect Friday, 11/20/2020 at 12:01 am for Businesses and Monday, 11/23/2020 at 12:01 am for Schools  

11/10 Update - Erie County Designated as a "Yellow Zone"

Governor Cuomo announced that Erie County meets the metrics to be designated as a "yellow zone", subject to the restrictions of the Cluster Action Initiative. The Cluster Action Initiative was rolled out in October as a more targeted approach to control covid outbreaks.  The yellow zone designation means that gatherings are limited to 25 people, houses of worship are limited to 50% capacity, no more than four people may be at a table for restaurants and there will be mandatory covid testing of 20% of in-person students and school faculty.

Click here for more information on the Cluster Action Initiative

Click here for a map of the Erie County Yellow Zone

8/1 Update

The Road Ahead: Entering Our New Normal is a special issue of CRE Insight Journal and contains an expansive range of topics. From exterior maintenance and landscaping to online learning and communications changes due to COVID-19. In this issue, experts in the field provide innovative and engaging insights on a wide range of issues facing the CRE industry. This special issue is not about looking back or returning to what we once were. It is about moving forward and forging a new path. It is about taking the knowledge we have gained over the past few months and applying it to a newer, brighter future for the industry. (When viewing the digital issue on a mobile device be sure to use full screen view and, to take advantage of interactivity, use a long finger press to activate links.) 

Article Being a Successful Virtual Trainer, which is a useful resource for members or others who are facilitating webinars and other online programs.
Article: Not Enough Time in Your Day? Time Management Strategy Tips.  

Webinar recording: The Future of Sustainability in Response to COVID-19. Nancy Larson, LEED AP O+M with Envision Realty Services and Becca Rushin with Jamestown leed a presentation on new standards to look out for and new ways for companies to think about sustainability over the next few months. 


(6/24 Update)

BOMA International Guidance Document #6
COVID-19: Preparing for Emergency Evacuations

(6/4 Update)

Industrial Re-Set: Operational and Management Guidelines for Industrial Properties Amid COVID-19
BOMA International's Guidance for Industrial Properties
provides a framework for developing customized management and building plans, and it identifies questions and important topics that should be considered.

The BOMA Georgia Foundation has released a new guide in response to COVID-19 Building Re-Entry: 10 Essential Resources for Property Management and Operations Professionals.

Two-part video series on mindfulness: Understanding Mindfulness and Mindfulness and Dealing with Uncertainty.

Leadership-themed videos: Leadership Lessons from COVID-19 and Lessons on Servant Leadership from Adam Grant.

Webinar recording titled Financial Tune-Up During a Challenging Time. It explores how the CARES Act impacts personal finance, budgeting, investing basics, estate planning, and more. While the webinar is primarily designed for young professionals, much of the content is applicable to individuals of any age.

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics to produce a four-part video series on healthy eating during COVID-19. The videos include Food Safety Considerations for COVID-19, Healthy Eating Habits, Dietary Considerations for School-Aged Children, and Access to Food.


(5/12 Update)

"Pathway Back To Work" - BOMA Canada Commercial Real Estate, Coronavirus and Re-Entry
This document will cover the following key considerations while preparing your building for re-entry: Building Operations, Vendors & Supplies, Tentant & Building Comms, and Human Resources.



Getting Back to Work: Preparing Buildings for Re-Entry Amid COVID-19

Re-Entry: Important tips from your building service providers


BOMA Georgia has released a webinar recording titled Operational Savings in a Time of Low Census. The webinar explores the tactics that some property management and building operations staff are implementing to cut costs at their properties in response to a lower building utilization rate. It also highlights some efforts property managers and building engineers can take in conducting maintenance and preparing for a large number of tenants to return to work in office buildings.

Two-part video series on maintaining a hopeful outlook through COVID-19:
Maintaining Hope in the Face of COVID-19 
Hopeful, Historical Perspective on COVID-19.

Long-Term Uncertainty and the Decision-Making Process
Dealing with Stress and Significant Work Hours in a Crisis

 (4/7/20 Update)



Just a reminder to stay vigilant against fraudulent emails and other scams during this pandemic. Scammers often use fear and panic to take advantage of people during times of crisis. Beware of phone calls, suspicious emails, texts, and websites that may look or sound legitimate. Always verify the source is legitimate and do not click any links from unknown senders. If you are unsure about the legitimacy of an email or website, contact your IT company before responding, opening any attachments, or clicking any links.  For more information:



Erie County Department of Health

U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

World Health Organization (WHO)


BOMA International How to Respond to Tenant Questions

BOMA International COVID 19 Preparedness Checklist, to help property professionals navigate this public health concern.

BOMA International’s Coronavirus Resource Center:

BOMA Seattle's March 17th webinar on COVID-19. Webinar recording.

Presentation from Inspire Commercial Real Estate Services: Coping with Coronavirus #PossibilityThinking

Presentation from Inspire Commercial Real Estate Services:  Managing Your Building Through the COVID-19 Shutdown


(3/29/20 update) CARES ACT

COVID-19 or Other Public Health Emergencies and the Fair Labor Standards Act Questions and Answers) 
US Department of Labor

COVID-19 or Other Public Health Emergencies and the Family and Medical Leave Act Questions and Answers 
US Department of Labor

Pandemic Preparedness in the Workplace and the Americans with Disabilities Act
US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

Occupational Health and Safety Administration

Interim Guidance for Business and Employers