Smoke Free Air

BOMA is proud to be partnering with the Erie Niagara Tobacco Free Coalition. We came together in 2009 to unite under the common cause of protecting thousands of Western New Yorkers who use their buildings from the dangers of tobacco use. 


We have raise our concerns at the state level by asking for a review of the Clean Indoor Air Act (CIAA).  BOMA directors requested that New York State consider adding smoke free entrances to CIAA as more than 10 other states have already done. The Coalition has been supporting BOMA members’ voluntary efforts to establish smoke free zones but none achieve anywhere close to the nearly 100% compliance that could be achieved with the adoption of a state law.


Today, we continue to advance this issue and to make our elected officials aware that the CIAA gives municipalities the freedom to enact policy that would further expand its coverage.  We continue encourace our local representatives to propose rules to establish smoke free zones around building entrances in their municipalities.  Studies show second hand smoke at building entrances can be just as dangerous as smoke indoors.  BOMA leaders, along with the Coalition see adding smoke free entrances to CIAA as a great step forward toward supporting worksite wellness.


Representatives for BOMA and the Coalition would gratefully welcome the opportunity to further discuss this with you.  Please call Anthony Billoni, Erie-Niagara Tobacco-Free Coalition Director at (716) 845-3407 or me at (716) 856-3801 to arrange a meeting.  

If you have ever held your breath to get though the wall of smoke when you enter a building, get ready to Breathe Easy!  We have been working with the Erie-Niagara Smoke Free Coalition to develop a tool kit that will help you establish an effective smoke free entrance program at the building you manage or work in.

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