Government Affairs


BOMA International advocates on behalf of the commercial real estate industry on Capitol Hill, in states across the country and in federal agencies.  BOMA furthers the industry’s legislative and regulatory agendas by actively working with lawmakers and government officials to advance issues most important to its members, including the three listed below:​

ADA Lawsuit Reform

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), signed into law in 1990, greatly increased the protection and advancement of the rights of Americans with disabilities. Because of this landmark law, accessibility has dramatically improved in buildings around the country over the past three decades. Unfortunately, some attorneys are undermining the spirit of the ADA by subverting the intent of the law to make a profit without improving accessibility. These attorneys file lawsuits over technical, easily correctable accessibility violations and pressure business owners into paying large settlements consisting principally of attorney’s fees. They are more interested in quick financial settlements than removing any ADA barriers.

BOMA International ADA Lawsuit Reform position


While the lack of infrastructure is a national problem, there is also a unique connection to commercial real estate.  New and increased funding mechanisms are needed to keep up with the country's infrastructure needs.  For the building industry, we have become dependent on the government's ability to fund certain infrastructure projects, which oftentimes dictates the success and viability of commercial real estate properties.  Our members understand that buildings can only be as successful as the infrastructure that supports it.  Most notable is the necessity of a solid and reliable infrastructure to facilitate the movement of people to the places they live and work.

BOMA International Infrastructure position​​

Preserving ENERGY STAR

Energy use in commercial buildings is one of the largest controllable operating costs for property owners and managers. Our members have a vested interest in reducing their energy use to save money for tenants and owners. In recent years, Congress has introduced several proposals that would combine the business model of energy efficiency with the social and environmental need for our nation to reduce electricity production, all while still serving our domestic energy needs.

BOMA International Preserving ENERGY STAR position 

 2015 ICC Model Codes Summary of Important Changes

Don Erb, BOMA Fellow, RPA, FMA, recently attended the ICC Code Council Committee Action Hearings in Louisville, KY.  He has provided our members with the 2015 ICC Model Codes Summary of Important Changes.  The report report includes changes between the 2012 and 2015 International Codes.  It does not include any New York State Supplements.  Click here to download the report. 

Thank you Don for representing BOMA at this important meeting!

NYS Uniform Code and Energy Code Update

On March 9, 2016, the State Fire Prevention and Building Code Council completed major updates to the Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Code (Uniform Code) and State Energy Conservation Construction Code (Energy Code). Read more...

Copies of the 2015 International Codes and many other incorporated standards can be purchased from the International Code Council at, or call (888) 422-7233. The 2016 Uniform Code and Energy Code Supplements will be available to download from our website ( ).

BOMA International Government Affairs, Advocacy and Industry News

BOMA International monitors and lobbies pertinent legislative, regulatory and codes/standards issues, including electricity deregulation, capital gains tax relief, telecommunications, indoor air quality, private property rights, risk assessment, and codes and standards. BOMA International leaders have been called upon to testify in front of Congress on these and other real estate related issues. BOMA has been asked for input and has helped developed codes and legislation put in place by Congress, lessening the impact on property owners.

State-wide BOMA Buffalo has forged relationships with other BOMA associations across the state, including Rochester, Syracuse, Albany and New York City, and works together with them in updating elected officials on issues relevant to commercial real estate owners in this state. Visits are scheduled to meet with elected officials in Albany to discuss these matters face-to-face.

Locally, we are taking an active role in participating in local forums or on committees chaired by governmental and civic entities. Many of our present and past Board Members sit on other boards and committees representing our members and the local real estate community. Speaking as an industry wide voice gives more weight to the message and lets our community leaders know that their actions and decisions have a great impact on our ability to successfully conduct business in the Western New York area. Our local association has found its voice and recognizes its responsibility to use it.